Are you thinking of building links in Japan?

So you might just got your Japanese content in order, you might even have hired a team of SEOs in Japan. The next step is to get some juicy Japanese links. Easier said then done.

I’ve been doing extensive link campaigns in the Japanese market during the past year. I want to share some of that experience, what works and what doesn’t.

What makes SEO in Japan unique?

Japanese tend to be meticulous. In the West, link building is more of a barter. You link to me, I link to you. Or I offer your this and you get me that.

When building links in Japan you have to take in to consideration that people want to make sure exactly what you site is about and who they are doing business with. 

Link building tactics that work in Japan

Create a link bait page

Instead of having site link directly to youR money page, consider createing a more informative piece of content that is relevant to both your business and the site that are linking to you.

For example, if you a building a link to a finance site, create a subpage about what companies did most profit last year in Japan.

Have an solid about us page

While it might not be link bildning tactic it self, we have seem it boost conversion time and time again. Locals want to see how is behind you site. Spending a few hours on creating a proper About us page, even if you run an affiliate site, can yield good conversions.

Do the Japanese even use Google?

You mighty heard before that the Japanese only use Yahoo. While it is true that Yahoo is still quiet popular, Google got 74 percentage of the market in Japan.