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Backlinking is a well proofed strategy that works to increase your websites rank on the search engines. In this post we will give you tips on how to succeed with backlinks in Sweden with a special focus on Guest post strategy.

Having a good amount of backlinks linking to your website, service or product is a very reliable and good way of ranking on search engines. The more links referring to you as a source, the better rank position you’ll gain on Google.

There are many strategies and ways to gain backlinks and make other sites link to you. Many times backlinks come by themselves since it’s common sense on the internet to link to a product or service that’s getting a mention. Other ways are to track unmentioned backlinks, which we’ve written about here (insert link), or create the back link opportunities yourself – through such a strategy as guest posting.

This is how a health blog called DeepAdvises announces that they accept guest blog posting:

So what is guest posting?

Guest posting, also known as guest blogging, is one of the most effective ways to gain backlinks to your own website. The method is about getting backlinks to your content in exchange for an article that suits the website you’re writing on.

For example, if you’re running a company offering SEO-optimized content, a site focusing on digital marketing could be an option for you to write a guest post on. In this particular case you could take the role as an expert and link to your landing pages to gain more SEO-interested readers visiting your website.

There are different ways of placing the links in the post. It could be placed in the body of the article anchored to a relevant and related keyword or phrase that you’ve identified with your business.

Another way is to put the link in the author bio, attached in the end of the article as a normal way of introducing the guest post writer and their organization.

To get a higher click-through rate: place the link in the body and the earlier in the article, the better, since people don’t tend to read all the way down.

How to find good guest post prospects?

The most common strategy that people use is to find sites that are actively appealing for guest post writers. The easiest way to do that is simply through a Google search and it could look like this:

topic + intitle:”write for us”

Many sites offer guest blog posting and those are pretty easy to find. That also means that they are getting tons of pitches and suggestions from site owners wanting to write a blog post.

Another way to do it is to not follow the stream, which most of the time gains better results.
Find your own websites and blogs that you have identified as relevant for your unique target group and reach out to them even if they don’t have a tab that says “guest posting”.

Think about it: If you’re not direct competitors, which site owner wouldn’t say yes to free content, especially if you offer high quality and something that is relevant to their readers? And who knows? Maybe you will develop a business relation with the website and suddenly you’re writing a monthly blog post linking to your website.

To write to sites that aren’t asking for blog posts can take a little more effort and time, but once you’re getting accepted it’s often worth it.

Some backlinks are more valuable than others

When working with your backlink strategy trying to get more websites to link to your product or service, be aware of the sites you’re reaching out to. To rank on the search engines, which should be one of your main goals with backlinking, it is important that you’re trying to get backlinks from as valuable sites as possible.

Think about it: If you’re running a tech company and you manage to get a backlink from the global website TechCrunch, that link will give you a better ranking boost than a private owned tech blog without any readers.

TechChrunch is one of the most read tech sites, which makes a backlink from them extremely valuable.

Also, always have a look at the source. Google is prioritizing trusted sources and websites when it comes to ranking so it’s always good to do your own valuation of the site you’re reaching out to before sending that pitch mail.

How do I pitch a guest blog post?

When you’re reaching out to a site owner or editor, suggesting that you want to write a blog post or article, it often pays to have done some research.

Make sure that it at least looks like you’re familiar with the sites current content and explain why your article would fit within their nisch.

Describe your company and business and let the site owner or editor know how the subject of your article could be relevant to their readers.

It is worth putting some time into pitching your article rather than sending an email that looks like mass communication that probably won’t get an answer.

And a final tip: Keep your pitch short. A long-written email with a lot of text tends to not get people to read it.


Gaining backlinks from guest blog posting is a proven and effective way of increasing your rank on Google and the other search engines. There are many ways to do it and some of them take a little more time and effort than others.

But, the more research you do and the more time you spend on contacting the right websites for your product, the bigger value you’ll get.

There is also another way of working with backlinks that is about tracking unlinked mentions. We’ve written a guide on how to benefit from unlinked mentions and how to make them valuable backlinks instead.